Valorant new bundle: RGX 11Z PRO Collection revealed. Cyber Katana & StatTrak Skins

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Valorant new bundle: RGX 11Z PRO Collection revealed. Cyber Katana & StatTrak Skins: Riot Games has just revealed the new and upcoming Valorant skin collection, RGX 11Z PRO Collection.

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The RGX 11Z PRO Collection has a futuristic vibe to it. The Valorant fanbase is quick to start drawing comparisons between the theme of the collection with the game, Cyberpunk. Just like the Minima collection was known as the TESLA Skins, the RGX 11Z PRO collection is now known as the CYBERPUNK skins.

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This collection comes with a KILL COUNTER. Unfortunately to all the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans out there, the kill counter does not represent the lifetime kills that a player got with the skin, in fact, it represents the number of kills obtained PER GAME!

Let's take a look at all the gun skins of the RGX 11Z PRO collection:


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Level 1

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SEN TenZ's Grandma is Rank 2 in NA

Level 2

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The knife when upgraded to level 2, opens up into a stunning Cyber katana!

The RGX 11Z PRO Melee might be the first katana/sword in the game which is held like a dagger.

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The collection is priced at 8700VP. This means each skin will cost your 2175VP and the melee costing 4350VP.

Check out the finisher, animations and the skins in action here:

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