PUBG is getting the funny Coffin Dance along with other emotes

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  • PUBG is adding emote from the famous Coffin Dance meme.
  • Other emotes are also being added.

In a recent video uploaded by PUBG on Youtube, they have shown the 'behind the scene' of creating emotes. Out of the many, we also see the making of the popular 'Coffin Dance' emote. If you don't know, Dancing Pallbearers (aka Coffin Dancers, Dancing Coffin) are a pallbearer group from Ghana. Their video was remixed with an EDM "Astronomia", and it instantly became an Internet meme. You must have watched them.

How is the 'Dancing Coffin' relevant in PUBG?

Well, the meme is usually used in FAIL situations, as someone fails or something bad happens in a funny manner. Doing a quick search on Youtube will get you plenty of FAIL videos in PUBG, and a lot of creators have been using the Dancing Coffin meme. For example, when someone rushes on a camping squad and gets killed, their crate can be seen carried by the Coffin Dancers.

coffin dancers in pubg are carrying a crate

While some players have welcomed the move, majority of them are not happy with the PUBG devs. People are arguing that the devs should focus on creating a robust anti-cheat system instead of useless emotes and skins every season. People have largely been dissatisfied with the game due to increasing number of cheaters.

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