PUBG Mobile: Everything About Pharaoh's Title | 5 Locations to Get the Pharaoh's Key | Limited Ancient Secret Event

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We recently witnessed the new Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile a few days back. This mode introduced the first X-Suit of the game. This mode is even accompanied by a bunch of new events for the players to gain exclusive rewards. The most popular one is the Call of the Pharaoh Event where you can earn Pharaoh Parachute, Pharaoh Family Ornament and the most important- Pharaoh's Rise Title for your character.

pharaoh's title

This event is only available until August 13, so you must hurry and grab your chance today!

Rules for the Event

The event is quite simple and doesn’t require much to do. In order to open the crates containing rewards, you need to collect Pharaoh’s Crate and Pharaoh’s Key. Let us discuss the way through which you can easily find the required items.

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You have to play the Ancient Secret Mode available in the Erangel and Miramar maps. Other variants of the match don’t contain these two items. Before the match, you will see several sarcophaguses on Spawn Island. Open them in order to get a chance of finding the Pharaoh’s Crate.

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Once you get your hands on the crate, you need to find its Pharaoh’s Key. This key will be used to open the crate and can be found randomly on the map. But remember, you can collect a maximum of 1 Pharaoh’s Key per match. To get it, you need to sit on a Pharaoh’s Golden Chair and sit on it.

Locations of Pharaoh’s Key

Although there are several locations where it might spawn. We collected some of the high percentage places where you can find it easily

pharaoh's title
  • Pochinki
  • Mylta
  • School
  • Military Base
  • Georgopol

Pharaoh's Title

Moreover, playing 5 matches will give you upto 5 Pharaoh’s Key in the event. Once you are able to redeem the Pharaoh’s Parachute and Pharaoh’s Ornament skins, you will receive the Pharaoh’s Rise Title.

pharaoh's title

Do let you know down below that whether you were able to get it and share with your friends.

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