PUBG Mobile’s Latest Ancient Secret Event | 4th August 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

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The PUBG has recently disclosed their new upcoming event on their Twitter handle called “Ancient Secret”. This new mode is set to be launched on 4th August in every global device. It was first announced in the patchnotes of 0.19.0 update and is finally confirmed now. This mode will be available only on Miramar and Erangel maps for the players. Apart from these, other maps can be played normally. Make sure to read this article to get the full glimpse of the new Ancient Secret event.

Ancient Secret Event Features

The following features could be seen in the upcoming Ancient Secret event:

New Lobby Theme

ancient secret event

While waiting for the match to start, players will now see giant sand monsters evolving around the area. Some impressive animations are added to the lobby with dust flowing all around the sky. New buildings called temples will now can be seen on the minimap.

Ancient Temples

ancient secret event

This mode will bring exclusive buildings or “temples” in the Erangel and Miramar maps of the game. These will be specially designed to float in air and move around. Being a two-story building, it will initially remain on the ground just as a normal apartment. As the game progresses, it starts to levitate in air and can be seen moving around.

Slate Puzzle

ancient secret event

These puzzles will be present inside the temples and can be solved using simple tricks to get loot. The chests will contain ammo, attachments and other weapons for the players. However, no airdrop weapons will spawn there. Make sure you are inside the zone before opening as you might get cursed by the mummy!

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Boss Fights

This is the most amazing part of the “Ancient Secret” event. If you able to get on the floating temples, you have a chance to encounter a boss. It will happen to be on second floor of the temple, surrounded by snakes that will attack you. Defeating the boss will result in getting huge loot for your squad.

ancient secret event

Boss fights are not the difficult and you can win by enough ammo and better weapons. But the tricky part is to keep a track of your enemies. They might be looking for a chance to attack you while you are busy fighting the boss.


ancient secret event

This event is going to last for a couple of weeks, no fixed date has been revealed yet. Make sure to enjoy this event with your squad as it is temporary. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more updates!

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