PUBG Mobile: How to Reach Conqueror in Season 13

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PUBG Mobile is the most loved game among the battle royal players these days. Every player aspires to reach the Ace and Conqueror tiers in the game. If you play PUBG, you know that’s not an easy task. Many of you think that only pro players can reach that title. But in reality, it’s all about strategy! The higher rank is something you would love to brag about to your friends. Not only this, it open doors for you to join any of the PUBG Tournaments. You will witness the real strategic gameplay of top 10% PUBG players in Conqueror.

This article will help you to reach your dream title in just a couple of weeks. Make sure to read all the details carefully to have better understanding.

Right Time to Push

It is very important that you have to start pushing right in the beginning. If you want to reach Conqueror, don’t wait after the update hits globally. The initial week will be the decider of your later progress as everything gets reset in the starting of the season. After a few days, players will start to get stabilize. Whereas in the starting, everybody would be distracted testing new features and you will have a clearer path. Ranking would further eliminate much of the competition. End of the season will be comparatively tougher as all players would be rushing in higher leagues.

Spend Bag Space Wisely

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If you have decent reflexes for aiming, filling your bag with ammunition will not be a good idea. Rather replace them with other utilities like painkillers, scopes for different situations, grenades etc. While pushing for conqueror, you have to use smokes, a lot of them! They will act as cover for your team in the last zone.

Predicting Zone Movements

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The latest update might have rendered the zone behaviour. It seems to shift towards the area with lesser players. This forces out campers from their holes and participate in the action. Moreover, chasing zone is the biggest reason of getting killed in the match. If you are on the way to conqueror, you don’t want to die in the blue light chasing you. Try to remain at the edge of the zone until fifth circle. Then it would be better to be camp inside for the final battle.

Importance of Vehicles

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Getting your hands on a vehicle is really important task. It will help you to reach the destination quickly and safely. Moreover, it will act as a cover in combat situations. Don’t forget to keep it full on gas and get another one whenever there’s a chance.

Rush vs Survival

The basic strategy is to have positive points at the end of match. In the early stages, playing rush is more reliable to maintain your K/D ratio. In the upper tiers, you should focus more on survival. Just aim to get 3-4 kills per match but try to go till the last possible zone. Anything above that will always help you to get more points.

Weapon Combo

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You don’t want to get killed because of your weapons. Always make sure to carry the ones with which you are most comfortable with. Also make sure that they are fully equipped with all the attachments and enough ammo. Practice recoil control in the training sessions or the arcade mode.

Conqueror Requirements

The title is hard to earn and is only given to the top 500 players of the server. Make sure to play regularly and maintain your rank. All the best to you and your squad for reaching the highest tier of the game. Also, don’t forget to comment down your points in PUG Mobile.

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