First Open-world Harry Potter Game: Harry Potter Video Games

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Are you a Harry Potter fan? The Harry Potter movies and the books still make you feel like you want more of the wizarding world? Well I think Warner Bros might have just listened to you. We are going to have a Harry Potter Open-world RPG game very soon. It's great to know that finally Harry Potter video games are going to get more than just charms and riding broomsticks.

This is the most anticipated game of the year for me. Even if you are not a fan of Harry Potter you have to appreciate the world it surrounds. A trailer video was leaked a few years ago which ensures that WB is making this game. The leaked video was deleted from Youtube immediately, showing just how ambitious WB is about the game.

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Release date: Harry Potter Video Games

The dates for its release are still unknown that is until recently, some information was leaked on twitter. A journalist, Jason Schreier tweeted that WB is going to have an E3 press conference for the first time to discuss Batman, Harry Potter, and Rocksteady's game. However, due to coronavirus pandemic the E3 was canceled and all that information we were about to get is pending.

Everything we know about the game until now

It starts with receiving your Hogwarts letter. Afterward, every decision you make like the house you choose, the friends you make, and the spells you learn is going to decide your good or evil life.

Now what I really like about this game that you would really be able to immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of a Hogwarts student. Also, you can bring your friends to your missions and lose them in the fights, it's all your decision.

The side quests in this game are what I'm looking for you can retrieve an egg from the dragon or play the iconic quidditch sport. Also, the timeline is placed before Harry Potter and the fantastic beasts.

The character creation system was leaked and it is very detailed. You can choose everything from your eye color to your bloodline.

Not like other Harry Potter video games, the decision-making is going to be a key feature for this game. As for the spells, there are tons of spells in the books which were not mentioned in the movie they might get published too.

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Being a Harry Potter fan, the idea of exploring the Hogwarts castle on my own gives me goosebumps. Let me know what are your expectations from the game in the comments below.