PUBG Mobile: Miramar 2.0 Guide

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All the players are enjoying the brand new version of their favourite map, Mad Miramar. PUBG Mobile was recently hit by 0.18.0 update with new additions. Today we are going to discuss the most important and lovable feature that got into the game- Miramar 2.0

Miramar was already prevailing the game for years. But now its finally going to get a major revamp. Let’s take a peek at some of the changes that we are going to observe in the map.

Sand Storms

Basically, there will be two sandstorms mode.

Normal Sandstrom Mode

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This mode includes the spawning of a large sand storm randomly on the map. Unlike the red zone, this storm will reduce the visibility of players. You won’t be able to see much farther than 100m. This will be a pure test of your skills without proper vision.

Heavy Sandstorm Mode

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As the name suggests, it will be more of a hardcore mode match. The entire Miramar desert will be covered with a permanent sand storm throughout the duration of match. Always prefer assault rifles and SMGs as most of the fights will be close ranged due to lesser visibility.

Racing Ramps

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Players can settle down their adrenaline levels in these tracks. Special racing ramps are spread across the map where you can test your driving skills. These tracks are surrounded by elevated flags that could be spotted from a long distance. Make sure to try them once you update the map.

The Golden Mirado

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To give a luxurious feel to the players, developers have added an exclusive car in the map- The Golden Mirado. Covered in 24 carat gold, this car shines in the sand dunes. It spawns in a garage of Hacienda del Patron and the only one of kind over the whole map. This depicts the domination of the player owning it.

Vending Machines

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Earlier, we got slot machines in the anniversary event of PUBG Mobile. But, Miramar 2.0 has its own vending machines where players could get energy drinks, painkillers. If you are lucky, you might end up getting upto 8 energy drinks, enough for your squad!

Water City

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You might be familiar with the one in Erangel, a similar Water City is introduced in Miramar as well. It is basically a collection of several oasis surrounded by various houses for some loot. Who knows, this location might become the next hotdrop of the game.


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When you visit the northwest region of Miramar, you will see some towering structures touching the stormy sky. The loot here is enough for a complete squad to engage in a fight. This area was earlier covered by sand, but some people say strong winds blew up the sand, surfacing these magnanimous structures.

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