New Season Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

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As we are reaching close to mid-2020, the new season Rainbow six siege is also getting closer. The rainbow six siege operation steel wave will be available in June. The year 5 season 2 of Rainbow six siege has tons of changes, let us check all of them out here.

New operators

The new season is set to witness two new operators named Ace and Melusi. These new operators have various new abilities that will change the way you play forever. You can check a detailed description of the abilities and gadgets here. A gameplay trailer is also available now. So, you can check the changes visually.

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House Map Reworked

New season Rainbow Six Siege map rework

The other big thing coming to this season is the casual rework of house. Ubisoft keeps mentioning the word 'casual' maybe because they want us to know that this new house is not intended for ranked or competitive play only. Ubisoft has changed one of the most iconic maps of rainbow six siege. Now, you can't peek above the garage which is frustrating. Initially, you can just break the window and peek for people going towards garage because it was easy to breach.

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There is only one garage now as the other one has been metal reinforced and won't break easily. It is good for the defenders as it was beneficial for attackers before. Moreover, the construction of the construction room is finally over and it is now called Girl's room.

Two rooms, staircases and new bomb sites in TV room and music room are new this season. Also, most of the floors are now breakable.

I don't know how good is this move. Personally, I don't like the changes in the siege's most iconic map as it takes away the essence of the game. But it would be interesting to know how everyone thinks about it.

Proximity Alarm

A new defender's gadget will be available in the new season Rainbow six siege as the proximity alarm. It is a really small device and you can hide it in places. It will ring once an enemy passes nearby. However, if the enemy recognizes it first from a safe distance, then he can easily destroy the alarm.

Decreased Operators Price

The price of four operators is reduced. Now, Nøkk and Warden will be available at 20,000 renowns or 480 Rainbow six credits. Also, Alibi and Maestro's price is now 15,000 renowns or 350 Rainbow six credits.

Steel Wave Weapon Skins

New Season rainbow six siege new skins

This new season will also feature some new skins for a fancy upgrade. Two new skins will be available this season, namely, Wooden carving Skin and the Beach Trip Skin. The wooden carving skin has fancy traditional wood carving wheres the beach trip skin consists of a great colour combinations.

Other changes for the new season

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Amaru is buffed. Now, the window barricade won't break before Amaru reaching it. Also, a new matchmaking ranking system is established to reduce the anomalies.