PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass Leaks

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Here are all the leaks of various items from PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass. This season will start soon and the following items can be seen in the global version of the game.

The PUBG Mobile players are already enjoying the ongoing season and we assume you have already collected all the rewards in the game. As you know that Season 16 is going to end in a short while and the next season will come up. So, here e bring you the leaks of PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass Rewards that players can collect after buying it from the shop.

RP 1- UZI Skin & Character Outfit

The most powerful SMG in the game is getting a whole new look with this amazing skin. The bright colors take it to a whole new level. Also, a new character skin can be seen in the PUBG Mobile Season 17. This outfit is based on the eagles and looks great on the character.

RP 50- Character Outfit

pubg mobile season 17 outfit

This is by far the hottest skin in the game. It will have a red overcoat with a lot of designing on the top. No need to mention that it will look fabulous on the female character.

RP 60- UAZ Skin

pubg mobile season 17 uaz skin

A new UAZ skin is coming after a long time. Most of the skins are available from the crates but this will be included in the Royal Pass Rewards. The skin is based on the pre-historian era and a lot of detailing can be seen in the image.

RP 90- Warrior M16A4 Skin

pubg mobile season 17 m16a4 skin

The developers are lately providing a lot of M16A4 skins and this time they are giving it through the Season Pass. The design is still in development and you will see a brand-new skin once the season gets started.

100 RP- Character Outfit

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The royal pass leaks will be incomplete without the display of 100 RP outfit. As you can see that the image is not complete and we were able to get this part only. This shows that the developers don't want to show all the PUBG Mobile Season 17 easter eggs yet.

Purchase Bonus- Character Outfit

pubg mobile season 17 nbonus outfit

This outfit is included in the bonus section and you can claim it after purchasing the PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass. Make sure that you don't forget to collect it as they are time limited.

Note- These rewards are based on the beta version testing and the final product may differ from the actual image. Some rewards can be added or deleted as per the developer's convenience.

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