PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass Rewards

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PUBG Mobile has recently introduced a brand-new season in the game for all the players. This new season is combined with the Royal Pass Season 17. Therefore, here are the PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass Rewards for every tier from 1 to 100.

It is always a time of pleasure for all the gamers out there whenever we get the new season for PUBG Mobile. Just like every other season in the game, we are here with the top0notch rewards waiting for you. These rewards are exclusive for the Royal Pass holders along with some free bonuses. Make sure to get your hands on these rewards by maxing out your tier during the season. Make sure to read the full article to get information about the tier rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Tier Rewards

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All the rewards are mentioned along with the respective tiers require to unlock them. They are valid only for PUBG Mobile Season 17 and will expire once the season ends.

Tier 1- Faceless Crown Set + Resplendent Dawn UZI

Both of these rewards are only avaible if you purchase the Royal Pass. The clown set is quite impressive as it give your opponent a scare look. Moroever, UZI is one of the most loved SMG, thus it is good to have a new skin for the same.

Tier 5- Faceless Clown Headgear

pubg mobile season 17 royal pass tier 5 reward

We have amtching headgear with the previously mentioned outfit.

Tier 10- Resplendent Dawn Ornament

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This ornament will enhance the overall look of your bag pack. The golden color is quite shiny and can be seen clearly on your character.

Tier 15- Royal Pass Avatar (S17)

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The next section will contain the new avatar that will show your dominance in the game. Other players can see this avatar on your profile.

Tier 20- Resplendent Dawn Helmet

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Further, a specially designed helmet is available for the players. This new helmet skin consists of blue and golden yellow color that matches with the theme of PUBG Mobile Season 17.

Tier 25- Part King Emote

2021 01 16 14 on

Emotes are always loved by the community. Thus, the developers intorduced a new emote that will suite best after having a chicken dinner in the match

Tier 30- Deadly Sickle Grenade

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Enemies should be aware when this grenade is launched into their place.

Tier 40- Dayman Airplane

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The next thing is going to be a bright-colored Airplane skin for the players. This skin will get activated on your plane if you have the highest rank in the whole lobby.

Tier 50- Deadly Sickle Skin

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As we have come troguh the halfway of our PUBG Mobile Season 17 rewards, we will be getting a deadly sickle skin. This will bring out the true nature of the weapon.

Tier 55- Royal Pass Avatar Frame (S17)

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The frame is designed to match with the already given avatar skin to your profile. It clearly mentions S17 on the bottom line of the frame.

Tier 60- Resplendent Dawn Headgear

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This will be the first item that will complete your final outfit in the Royal Pass.

Tier 70- Resplendent Dawn Bag

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As we move ahead, this bagpack will suit your RP skin in the end. The detailing done in the skin is highly impressive.

Tier 75- Guardian Armor Avatar (S17)

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This is the second avatar picture that can be put on your profile after unlocking it.

Tier 80- Guardian Armor Emote

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It is considered to be the final emote for your PUBG Mobile Season 17 rewards list. Make sure to use it to impress your friends.

Tier 90- Guardian Armor- M16A4

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This will definitely increase the use of M16A4 gun as the new outlook is looking so cool on the gun.

Tier 100- Guardian Armor Set

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Finally, after completing all the missions for Season 17, you will be rewarded with the mythic outfit for getting to the 100 RP. Combine it will all the other items and you will see your character becoming more and more awesome.

Make sure to us your views about all the PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass rewards in the comment section below. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.

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