haiVaan joins GodLike Esports Valorant

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GodLike Esports has signed one of India's most experienced FPS players, haiVaan, today, 18 January 2021.

Vishal 'haiVaan' Sharma has joined GodLike Esports in a surprising move today. The ex OpTic India pro had announced his retirement from CSGO just a few days ago. haiVaan will add a lot of experience to the existing GodL Valorant squad. Moreover, he is also expected to be the IGL of the team.

haiVaan replaces sMx in GodL

Jigar 'sMx' Mehta had left GodL just yesterday. As of now, sMx has not joined any other organization, but according to our sources, he is expected to join another org very soon.

The new GodL Esports Valorant roster

  • Divyansh 'scargod' Jain
  • Shivam 'sh1vy' Ajmani
  • Abhay 'knightrider' Mulchandani
  • Debanjan 'DEATHMAKER' Das
  • Shane 'whitehorse' Kariwow
  • Vishal 'haiVaan' Sharma

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