PUBG Update 9.2 Patch Report | Dirt Bike, Driver Shooter, Team Finder & Lobby Chat

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The update 9.2 has just dropped in the test servers of PUBG. This brings a lot of new ways to survive and fight in the battlegrounds. All of these features will be shown as we dive into the update 9.2 Patch Report.

PUBG is one of the most loved battle royale game in the world right now. They bring new updates every now and then to keep the excitement level of players on the roof. As we just came up with the new update, there is the Patch Report issued by the team on their official YouTube Channel. There are a lot of improvements in the game that will change the gaming tactics for the players.

New Vehicle- Dirt Bike

9.2 patch report

It has been a long time that a new vehicle got featured in the game. With this new update, we will be getting a Dirt Bike that is both fast and furious. It will be a single-rider vehicle that will accelerate rapidly through the map. With the top speed of 130 kmph, it will have improved suspensions for riding even through rough terrains. It will spawn on all the maps expect for Karakin and will replace 50% of all the current bikes.

Driver Shooter and Sidearm Update

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Now this was the most awaited addition in the game where driver could shoot while in a vehicle. This will intense the fights during a chase and driver will now help in dealing direct damage. Moreover, the sidearms like pistols are getting improved. The damage has been rebalanced and now will be more accurate while taking shots from a long range. Now you can’t ignore a person who has just got a pistol!

Team Finder and Lobby Chat

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Playing with random squads has always been the most hectic thing while matchmaking. But now, players could use the new Team Finder option in the lobby itself. You can quickly find teams to play with you and can interact them through in-lobby chat box. This will allow you to discuss the strategy before you drop in.

Battle Bride- Sadiya

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As we got character themed passes based on the Karakin’s Battle Bride, we will now be getting a new character, Sadiya. After you purchase the pass, you are eligible to unlock skins and outfits that are specified to Sadiya and her story.  This pass is not associated with the Survivor Pass and comes with its own rewards that can be earned through XP. Just as any other pass, you can also purchase each level. There are a total of 15 levels in Battle Bride and will be active only for 4 weeks. So hurry!

You can even visit for full details and minor changes about this update. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more news and updates.

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