Aaction Bolt wins Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 Tournament by Rheo, overall standings inside

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Aaction Bolt is the winner of Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 by Rheo Arena with 80 kills and 153 overall points. Jigs Official and Technical KK are in the second and third positions respectively. Here are the overall standings after the final match.

Mobile games have seen a large spike in the community and the players are really hyped about all the Esports tournaments being held around these games. Various organizations have come forward and organized tournaments to encourage new players entering in the scene. Recently, Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 was announced by Rheo and 24 invited pro players joined it to get the crown.

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The total prize money in the Free Fire tournament by Rheo TV was 50,000 INR and the winner got 25,000 INR for their performance. The first match was played on 8th November 2020 and we got our champion in the final held on November 10. Famous streamers and players like Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai), Two Side Gamers, Tequila, and Gaming with Ab locked horns for the title.

A total of 24 pro players were invited and then got equally divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. The agenda was to select the top 6 teams from each group that would proceed to the finals. It took almost 2 days and many intense matches before we got the final 12 players.

Team Performance in their Respective Groups

As the results of each group were out, the teams that got ahead were

Qualified Teams for Final

Group A
  1. UnGraduate Gamer (133 Points)
  2. Pro Nation (135 Points)
  3. Boss Official ( 133 points)
  4. Total Gaming Influencers ( 107 points)
  5. Techno Banda ( 99 points)
  6. Sudip Sarkar ( 90 points)
Group B
  1. GSK Verified ( 173 points)
  2. Aaction Bolt ( 124 points)
  3. Technical KK ( 116 points)
  4. Two Side Gamers ( 112 points)
  5. JIGGS Official ( 106 points)
  6. Total Gaming Esports ( 93 points)

The final match was to be played between these 12 teams on 10th November 2020. There were many matches held between the players and we saw some awesome gameplay tactics. This was a great opportunity for the new players to learn from some of the finest players in the game. As we came to the end of the day, Aaction Bolt was seen to be on the tabletop with 80 excellent kills and 153 points for his overall performance. He was awarded a trophy and cash amount of 25,000 INR.

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The first runner was Jigs Official who got 60 kills and 135 overall points, along with prize money of 15,000 INR. Technical KK bagged the third position after scoring 50 kills and 124 points, he won 10,000 INR for his performance. This was a fun-packed thrilling tournament and we expect more of these in near future.

Overall Standings after the Grand Final Match

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  1. Aaction Bolt ( 153 points)
  2. JIGS Official ( 135 points)
  3. Technical KK ( 124 points)
  4. Sudip Sarkar ( 117 points)
  5. PRO Nation ( 106 points)
  6. Two Side Gamers ( 92 points)
  7. Total Gaming Esports ( 90 points)
  8. UnGraduate Gamer ( 87 points)
  9. GSK Verified ( 83 points)
  10. Total Gaming Influencers ( 46 points)
  11. BOSS Official ( 36 points)
  12. Techno Banda( 29 points)

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