Raji developers announce giveaway 2 days prior to PC launch; Hindi and Turkish subtitles to be included in-game and more.

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With Raji being only 2 days until its PC launch, the developers have announced an update that allows its players to implement Hindi and Turkish subtitles in-game plus some minor fixes and balancing with an additional giveaway too.

Raji localisation announcement

How to Enter the Raji Steam key giveaway

Raji giveaway image

The developers have announced that they will provide a copy of the game (giveaway) in the form of a steam key to some lucky players (numbers not revealed), Here's how you can participate:

  1. The giveaway will be hosted on this Gleam.io site
  2. Log-in to Gleam using your Email, Facebook, Google or twitter account
  3. After logging in, you will get tasks which ensure more entries to your account (More entries, higher the probability of obtaining a copy)
  4. Fulfill those tasks till they end (eg.of a task: Play Raji: The Prologue for 0.5 hours on Steam)
  5. After finishing the tasks, wait for the announcement till 23:59 CEST (3:29 AM IST) on the 14th of October.
  6. If you are lucky, the steam code will be delivered to your email so make sure to check on the 14th of October!

Raji An Ancient Epic, all to know about the Indian indie game | Release date | Demo download

Raji screenshot from Steam page

Hindi and Turkish Subtitles

The game has been updated to include localisations of Hindi and Turkish languages with help from community translators. This ensures that the audience can enjoy it in their own language if they either want to enjoy playing the game in their language or if they are not very familiar with the English language. Possibly more localisations might be implemented if required in the future.


So, we are pleased to announce that Raji: An Ancient Epic now has Hindi and Turkish subtitles! We pushed out the update to the Steam Game Festival demo and our prologue versions early on Saturday so you can activate the new subtitles right away!

from Raji update Page

This is very good for the game as it will have a more diverse audience that will play their game. The Raji developers also have fixed minor bugs and implemented small balancing changes to the current Steam Game festival demo version.

After many struggles, Nodding Head studios have finally reached the final result of the game. We should be inspired by them as they have gone through endless amount of effort to deliver us the game!

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