[News] Is Valorant Mumbai server delayed?

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  • Valorant's Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, posted a new video on VALORANT's Youtube Channel, to welcome MENA regions to Valorant.
  • In that video, there was mention of Bahrain but nothing about Mumbai. Does it mean Mumbai server delayed?

The Indian fans were really hoping for the Mumbai servers to be launched alongside Act 3. This would end the high ping issues and the packet loss problems that we have been facing daily. The gamers even played in low pings when apparently Riot was testing the servers.

Update: Valorant Mumbai server to be launched with Act 3, confirms Rioter.

Mumbai server delayed

So Mumbai server delayed?

In the video, Anna Donlon officially launches the Bahrain servers along with the North African servers. They even will be giving out a new gun buddy for the fans from the MENA region to welcome them. This buddy will be available in their accounts by the end of October.

Buddy on
The new Gun Buddy

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Though the producer mentioned the Bahrain server, but there was nothing about the Mumbai Servers. This may mean that the Indian server is on hold for now. Originally, the release date for the Mumbai server was 13th October( Act 3) but this might not be the case now since we have nothing concrete about this server.