Red Dead Redemption 2 Walk-through

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Rockstar Gaming is known for their work done in GTA 5 which was available for the PC players from 17th September 2013. It almost felt like that they were in hibernation with the profits got from GTA 5. The rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 started to hit the internet. This game hit the market on 26th October 2018. Initially there were a lot of glitches which were updated and by 2019 the game had the most amazing graphics possible. The amount of time Rockstar gaming has spent was really worth it I suppose. The game-play is the best as far as I have seen and the environment can never feel more realistic. Now lets jump into how to start the game.

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The Game Play

The game dates way back to the 19th century, the era of outlaws and gunslingers were at an end. Chapter one starts with a gang of people going in search of shelter and food after the tragic loss of some of their friends. A couple of guys go in search of village to seek for help and end up with the wrong gang of people. The conversations lead there will be a classic gun fight and they end up killing the rival gang. They interrogates a villager to find out where Colm O’Driscoll is and the story continues. With the information about the whereabouts of O’Driscoll, Dutch leads his men to a mining camp to get his revenge and end up with a gunfight. Chapter one ends with a train hijack and finally moving out to a better place to camp with the resources got from the hijack.

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The game continues and I would stop here and not spoil the rest of the game. There are several missions to complete like hunting exotic animals. Dealing with robbers, finding a better place to stay and so on. The amount of help you offer to good people will lead to a better reputation of the character and thus will help in a better story mode. The game offers several options to end the game and it all depends on the good reputation that you have achieved through the game. Going around and killing people like GTA V is not advisable at all. So, all you guys have to do now is go ahead purchase the game and be a good chap while playing it.