Rooter Rise of Legends Final Preview, Historic Form, Head to Head

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India's first-ever Tri-Nation Invitational Valorant Championship - Rooter Rise Of Legends 2021 featuring 16 teams from India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka that will be fighting hard for the crown of champion and the lion’s share of the massive prize pool of ₹4,00,000!

The Rooter Rise of Legends Grand Finale will be featuring two of the biggest teams from the region: Samurai Esports and Global Esports. These two teams are again featuring the two of the biggest names in Indian VALORANT, Simar “psy” Sethi and Ganesh “skrossi” Gangadhar, both on the opposing ends.

Skrossi who has been arguably the best player in India in recent times will be facing tough competition against Samurai Esports' newly revamped VALORANT roster featuring an addition in the form of Ayan “ayaNq” Bhattacharya who has been interestingly playing a variety of roles, including sentinel, which is odd compared to his previous dependence on Jett on other teams.

Players to watch out for

It comes with a given that if you’re about to watch Global Esports, you have to watch out for SkRossi, but keep an eye out for an occasional big game performance from skillz or HellrangeR. These 3 will be the danger trio for Global Esports in this game.

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On the side of Samurai Esports, the danger men are looking to be Excali on his preferred duelists, with the support of psy and/or an outlier performance from ayaNq. Statistically, SkRossi is miles ahead of any player in the Indian top tier, bar Deathmaker, whose team has been placed 4th at the tournament. However Global Esports tend to play single duelist comps which helps SkRossi perform better, with better utility and support from his teammates, leading to his extremely high rating so far.

Historic Form

Samurai Esports have been far from stable having dropped 3 games to teams like VLT, T69 and even True Rippers in the Lethal Esports Invitational.

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Dropping a series 0-2 to True Rippers, Samurai have bounced back to take the last 3 games in a spree cleanly without dropping a map yet. The form is looking intimidating and GE will definitely have to watch out for what SE have prepared for them this event. SE are yet to drop a map this whole event, with a +25 round differential across 3 group stage games.

Global Esports have yet to lose a series in their last 10 (wow what a shocker!) with their last loss coming 3 weeks ago to Enigma Gaming (0-3), who they have not faced in this event. They have been looked to be in good form also coming in this Grand Final unbeaten, with a +27 Round Differencial.

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How to Watch Rooter Rise Of Legends Grand Final?

The Rooter Rise Of Legends Grand Final will be streamed live on youtube, at 3:30PM IST, on the 10th of June. We are looking forward to this fresh matchup in South Asian scene. Do catch the stream live tomorrow!