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PUBG Mobile has seen a major increase in the downloads even after the ban. Moreover, the latest 1.0 update of the game has set high limit for other battle royal games. If you have not updated your game yet and facing difficulties in finding it on your Play Store, read How to Install PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update in India. Today we are here to bring you the release date of Royal Pass Season 15. We would also be covering other rewards included in the upcoming season.

Release Date of Season 15 PUBG Mobile

As per the news, Season 15 of PUBG Mobile is expected to begin from 14th September, after the previous season finally gets end on 13th September. Players can directly start their new season by playing the game on the designated date. However Indian players might face some difficulties due to the ongoing ban of the game. keep trying and you will definitely get smooth gameplay.

What’s Included in Season 15

The developers have promised to bring a lot of unseen improvements in the game. The theme for PUBG Mobile Season 15 is known as “Beyond A.C.E.” and is the best update yet the players have ever seen. Make sure you don’t miss this as it will completely change your gaming experience.

Also, as always for activating Royal Pass you need to spend 600UC to get it for yourself. There will also be a Free Pass for everyone that will contain a few rewards. It is always recommended that you buy the Royal Pass as it will contain better and exclusive rewards like gun skins, emotes, outfits etc.

Rewards List for Season 15 PUBG Mobile

The following rewards list has been leaked just before the beginning of Season 15. Give a quick look and see what special is waiting for you.

1 RP- Whitestar Outfit + Gauntlet Thompson Skin

5 RP- Whitestar Headgear

10 RP- Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade

20 RP- Golden Nights Backpack

25 RP- Island Dance Emote

30 RP- Shadow Assassin Oufit

35 RP- Shadow Assassin Headgear

40 RP- Samurai Ops Pan

45 RP- Royal Pass Avatar Frame (Season 15)

50 RP- Royal Finish Plane Skin

60 RP- Silverstar Outfit + Silverstar Headgear

75 RP- Samurai Ops Avatar (Season 15)

80 RP- Samurai Ops Helmet

90 RP- Samurai Ops AKM Skin

100 RP- Samurai Ops Outfit

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I hope these rewards will burst excitement among the players for next season. Don't forget to comment down and tell us how you feel about the new season? Also stay tuned with Gamzo for more updates.

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