Team Secret against VP.Prodigy in their first match at the OGA Dota PIT Season 3 : Europe CIS

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OGA Dota PIT Season 3

Major dominating Team Secret has been scheduled to fight against VP.prodigy in their first match in the playoffs of the OGA Dota PIT Season 3 on 23 September 2020. Will Team Secret continue their reign of dominance which makes top-tier teams like OG and NIGMA (and more) seem like tier 2 teams or will the recently formed VP.Prodigy stun the dota 2 community by beating them head-on?

The thing with Team Secret

Team Secret Logo

There are several reasons why Team Secret are currently dominating in the current pro scene of Dota 2.

Their 5 man roster of Matumbaman, Nisha, zai, YapzOr and Puppey are not only blessed with mechanical talent but the team has the best , if not one of the best drafters of all time in Dota 2, Puppey.

That being said, the team not only has a capable carry Matumbaman who has shown excellent skills and match-making decisions in all of his matches recently but even if he falls off at a bad laning matchup (which is pretty rare) the mid-laner of Nisha pops off and creates space for him which allows Team Secret to eventually snowball the match into their rhythm.

The supporting duo of Team Secret also does not fail to impress everyone, even their opponents with out-plays and excellent map awareness. Puppey is very greedy when it comes to a pos 5 player. His Chen has been feared since TI1 when he first debuted with Na'Vi. YapzOr, known for his Rubick and Earthspirit is always ready to put the opponent team in disarray with his team fight decisions and targeting.

However, Zai often steals the show too with his ever dominant off-laning which needless to say creates so much space for Matumbaman that the game always gets swept by Team Secret in a very pub-like fashion.

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What to expect from VP.Prodigy

VP.Prodigy team logo

A team formed on April 1st, they are not to be taken for a fool as they have dominated their tier 3 tournaments and also have won a Tier 2 tournament against their own mother team

VP.Prodigy is the youth team of the Organization which seems promising for the Russian Organization as they have been proving themselves as a capable tier 2 team. However they still lack the experience of handling tier 1 teams as they do not have good match records against them. They did fairly well in securing 5-6th place alongside Na'Vi in the OGA dota PIT Season 2 Europe/CIS bracket.

However their past matchup with Team Secret has been 2 : 0 in the ESL Open Birmingham 2020 recently. They secured 3rd place but against Team Secret, their loss might affect their future matches against them. With fn still as a stand-in for the team and the team's recent establishment, VP.Prodigy might be swept by the Secret wave in their first match or will they suprise us?

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