Sentinels Valorant Superstar "Sinatraa" Accused of Sexual abuse by Ex-girlfriend

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Ex Overwatch and Sentinels Pro Valorant Player Jay Won who popularly goes by the name "Sinatraa" has been accused of sexual assault by his Ex-Gf Cleo Hernandez who shared her story via Twitter today.

The Twitter post included a nine page document which had several Screenshots of their private conversation and an intimate audio clip . Both Cleo and Sinatraa have been in relationship for the past 9 months before calling it a quit. This Story comes one day prior to the start of VCT Masters NA for which Sentinels have been qualified .

Accusations made by Cleo

Sinatraa Ex GF
  • Sinatraa would often force himself on her (Sexually) whenever he desired even though she was not comfortable with it at several times during their entire relationship .
  • She was the one who decided to come out of the relationship in contrary to what has been speculated about their Breakup . Sinatraa accused her of being unfaithful and he personally beliefs this to be the reason of their fallout but she states that the toxic nature of the relationship was the true reason of their breakup.
  • Cleo says during her entire relationship she felt unloved , uncared and misused by Sinatraa .
  • She adds the entire ordeal has been quite stressful and the most traumatic period in her life time due to which she was forced to attend several sexual abuse help therapies and classes to come out of it .
  • She says she was afraid of Sinatraa for quite a long time even after their breakup due to which she never spoke about this issue but gained courage after a long time to speak openly about it.
Cleo Chats Sinatraa
Private chat of Cleo and Sinatraa

The Document also included an intimate Audio File which Cloe says was recorded during their relationship. In the clip she says “no, I don’t want to," to the other person whom she claims to be as Sinatraa.

Cleo has been gaining much support for her side from social media regarding the issue as many influencers and people from the streaming community have been pouring their condolences.

As if now no official statement has been made from both Sentinel as well as Sinatraa's side regarding the issue.

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