COD Mobile is giving Free Character in Season 2

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Cod Mobile is giving free character in Season 2 to all its players. This new character is Charly whos is the newest member in the Cod family. She will be rewarded to everyone once they update the game and check their in-game mail.

COD Mobile is giving Free Character in Season 2

Free Epic Character as well

The game developers have blessed the free to play players with another free character skin which is an epic this time. This character is again a new addition to the list of characters in the game. Death Angel Alice- Vicious is by far the best free epic characters in the game. You can get her in the daily rewards section and you need to log in to the game everyday for 24 days in order to unlock her.

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Death Angel Alice- Vicious

More Free things in the game

The new season is brining a lot of new content to the game. This time too we are getting 2 new weapons. An assault rifle and another marksman rifle. All the previous feature maps like Pine, Gulag, Saloon and more have been added to the main game maps which gives the players a wider variety of gameplays. This time we are also getting a new perk which is like a mini UAV. This perk activates once when you kill an enemy the other enemies will be visible on the mini map for a short period of time.

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Recon perk

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