Sinatraa breaks down on stream while playing with SEN ShahZaM

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Sinatraa and SEN ShahZaM decided to play ranked together after ShaZham got back from Iceland. A few rounds into their first game together, people in ShahZam's chat started getting angry at ShahZaM for queuing up with Sinatraa.

Earlier today, when Sinatraa and ShahZaM were playing Valorant together after a long time, people started raging at ShahZaM for playing with him. People in ShahZaM's chat kept on saying that the only reason he agreed to play with Sinatraa was to make a statement or the fact that he supported rape. These allegations were regarding the time when Sinatraa got accused of sexual assault by his former girlfriend. When Sinatraa got to know about ShahZaM's chat harassing him, he realized that ShahZaM was not having a good time playing, he messaged him in-game saying "You can solo Queue after this match" and ShahZam replied "Sorry".

This was the moment where it got really hard for Sinatraa to control his emotions and he just burst out crying live on stream. He then turned off his camera after a few seconds and pretended this never happened after he turned it back on.

After that game was over and Sinatraa began solo queuing, he again broke down on stream. The shows how this entire situation with his former girlfriend affected his life as a whole. As of now, Sinatraa is banned for 6 months from playing competitive and because of this, he is just sticking to streaming Valorant every day.

You can watch the video yourself here :

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