SOUL BGMI lineup officially revealed

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SOUL BGMI lineup officially revealed: With the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, every esports organization is making necessary changes in their roster to perform well in LAN & Official BGMI tournaments. Many organizations are switching and hiring pro players in the BGMI scene.

Yesterday, Krafton announced its first-ever official community event, The Launch Party, in which many popular streamers like- Mortal, Dynamo, Kronten, Jonathan, etc., will be competing among themselves for a massive prize pool of 6,00,000 INR. Also, Krafton has teased about the start of the BGMI esports ecosystem in their official social media handles.

Soul announces BGMI roster

Soul, one of the most fan-favourite and consistent teams of India, is in rumours for its BGMI lineup. Most of the fans speculated that the upcoming Soul BGMI lineup would be consisting of Mavi, Mortal, Scout, Regaltos, and Viper. Today, on their official YouTube channel, they have revealed their BGMI lineup. With five star players, they will be competing against the best teams in India to win the trophy.

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In the new lineup, Mavi will be the IGL, Regaltos, and scout will be the flanker. Viper and Mortal will be playing as support players, and they will switch between their players according to their coordination and preferences. With an excellent assaulter like regaltos and scout combined with one of the best IGL in India, Team soul has become one of the strongest teams in India.

Soul BGMI lineup had won multiple big tournaments

Earlier, the Soul lineup had won PMCO Spring –Split: 2019 India. Also, they had secured 2nd position in PMCO Fall Split- 2019. With their consistent performance, they are the most deserved team to win the trophy. Also, Scout and Mavi, players representing India at a global level and secured 2nd position in PMWL, have joined soul. And all players have the same vision, to represent India at a global level and win the world trophy.

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