Team Vitality Valorant roster revealed, ready to participate in the VCT 2021

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Team Vitality has announced their Valorant roster today, 04 February 2020. The new roster is set to compete in the VCT.

Valorant Champions Tour has started and it seems that every big organization doesn't want to miss on the official Valorant esports circuit. After Fnatic, Team Vitality has also revealed their Valorant roster today. The newly announced roster was already playing as a team, and had participated in the recent Red Bull Home Ground event.

Valorant roster of Team Vitality

The newly formed roster features former CSGO players who have now shifted to Valorant. The new roster of Team Vitality along with the coach FragonFPS is:

  • Bayram “bramz” Ben Redjab
  • Ouali “M4CHINA” Manset
  • Vakaris “vakk” Bebravicius
  • Jokubas “ceNder” Labutis
  • Lukas “feqew” Petrauskas

When do we get to see Team Vitality Valorant roster in action?

The newly formed Team Vitality Valorant roster should play in the Champions Tour Europe Stage 1: Challengers 1, which is set to begin tomorrow, 05 February 2021. However, the team may participate in any of the qualifiers to advance further in the year-long Valorant competitive circuit.

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