The RawKnee Enters the List of 300 Most Influential People in Asia | Joins CarryMinati & Scout

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  • Rony features on the list of 300 Most Influential People in Asia
  • The Rawknee Games hits 2 Million subs
  • Complete interview by Kiran Rai & Jay Parmar for NY Press

Earlier we talked about Tanmay ‘Scout’ Singh being featured in the list of some of the top influential persons is Asia. Recently we came across another good news where the famous youtuber and streamer Ronodeep Dasgupta widely known as The Rawknee Games enter the List of 300 Most Influential People in Asia. This list was made by NY Press and all the featured personalities were directly interviewed by Kiran Rai & Jay Parmar.

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About Rawknee

the rawknee

This 24 years old Gamer cum Roaster started his YouTube journey back in 2010. Currently he is living in Mumbai but basically, he belongs to Kolkata. He started his career as a normal guy with big dreams. As per latest information, he has more than 2 Million subscribers on his channel. Being a professional streamer, he also regularly posts roasting videos on his channel.

The Complete Interview

This is the complete virtual interview

Q. How are you dealing with lockdown?

I have been a gamer since the beginning and gamers are always in a sort of lockdown (chuckles). It is just like my ordinary life as I never leave my room. I an pretty much used to it

Q. How did you start your career?

To be honest and precise, my YouTube channel started as show-off to my school friends as no one was aware about it. However, as the time passed, I was more serious about my channel.

Q. What is your opinion about BitCoin?

I don’t have a certain opinion about BitCoin at first. When it came out back in 2013-14, I was not much focussed on it but now I feel I should have invested some money in it. I just started making money 2 years back so I never thought about money investments earlier.

Q. What keeps you motivated for gaming career?

You must know that I don’t have many friends. When I stream or upload any videos, I feel that the viewers are my friends. I mostly have virtual gamer friends with whom I play online games.

Q. What does social media means to you?

It is a place where I connect with everyone. I feel it like a virtual cafeteria where you can have fun with others. I also get latest updates about games and everything other.

rawknee on

Q. What you do in your life when away from computer?

I love to travel and visit new places. I enjoy watching movies on my mobile while relaxing. I only leave my computer when I have to sleep.

Q. What are your future plans apart from gaming?

I have learned from YouTube a lesson that I can’t plan things. Plans don’t go the way they were supposed to go. I have stopped planning anything and just go with the flow.

We all are proud of Rony's hard work and wish him good luck for his future. Stay in touch with Gamzo for more updates.

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