The Simpsons correctly predicted the Fortnite black hole

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Millions of Fortnite players are left within the dark once Season X’s final event concluded, the previous map disappeared and players were left staring into a black hole unable to play.
Players had been speculating over what this might mean, with the leading theory being that a brand new map may well be on its approach.
Lo and behold, a number of hours later, a brand new map was released, putting to bed fears over the longer term of the favoured game.
Really although, no one outside of Epic Games and a select few YouTubers and Streamers really knew what was occurring.
Fans had been eager to find answers, and have detected one link to an unlikely source: The Simpsons.
Yes, from predicting the Trump Presidency, to the 2013 horse meat scandal, and everything in between, Matt Groening and his team have a formidable record of properly predicting future events.
There is even a theory that will the rounds each thus typically that the man may be a time traveller!

The simpsons correctly predicted the fortnite black hole

On the sporting aspect of things, they managed to predict the FIFA corruption scandal, jabbing fun at the corruption within the organisation in 2014, a year before many FIFA officials were arrested on wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering charges, that eventually led to Sepp Blatter’s resignation.
One tweet has shared a screenshot of Lisa, Bart and Homer looking at their TV, solely showing a small white hole within the middle, with the caption: “How do they always do it? Props to the Simpsons for predicting another thing…again