Thunder Tier One by PUBG's Parent Krafton hits Alpha Stage | Gameplay Looks Promising

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  • Thunder Tier One is a 'top-down tactical shooter' game.
  • The game from PUBG parent Krafton has been in development for 4 years.
  • The game has finally hit the alpha stage apperently.

PUBG has been ruling the tactic-gaming world since its launch. The developers got some really good responses from the community and achieved several milestones. But wait, this was just not the end for the team! Krafton Games Union, the name that made PUBG possible is not stopping at all. With several games already developed with PUBG being the monster of them all, this South Korean company is making a new game to hit the platform anytime soon. The game has been in development for a long time now.

Recently, a few PUBG partners have received an invitation for Alpha testing, as proved by the image below.

invitation for thunder tier one alpha

The New Game- Thunder Tier One

thunder on

I don’t think there is any gamer who hasn’t played PUBG till now. So, now it’s time to try out this new game, Thunder Tier One. It is the latest addition in the “top-down tactical shooter” category with being one of its kind. You are set out as tier One Operator in the different scenarios all around the globe. It is more like of an early 80-90’s era that will test your true skills. It requires all the tactical strategies and leadership qualities to convert you in a deadly war machine.


Here are some of the details about gameplay that will be featured in Thunder Tier One after the release. First of all, have a look at this,

The gameplay seems very interesting as you can see different game modes being introduced in it. Also, new locations will make it even exciting for the players to test their skills in different worlds. Game modes like solo, multiplayer and campaign are some of the leaked versions of the actual gameplay.

thunder tier one

No doubt you might get a feel of PUBG while watching the clip. You are not the only one as many assets from PUBG are being reused. But the developers assure that you will experience a whole new game except for the basics.

thunder tier one

The above trailer is an old version of the game. We will definitely see some improvements in graphics and other details of the game. Hope to see a new trailer being launched by the developers in the near future.

Release Date

You will be surprised that this game is under development from as back as 2016. This shows that developers are really putting themselves into making this game a big hit. We are quite not sure about the release date as developers and not speaking out anything officially. But the game has recently entered the Alpha Stage.

thunder tier one

For those who are not aware about the alpha stage, it is the time when key functions of a game are implemented, and assets are partially finished. Basically, the game in alpha stage is feature completed ie. game is playable and contains all the major features. However, these features may be further revised based on testing and feedback.

So, it will not take much long before the official release date is announced.

How to Download?

As already mentioned, this game is still being tested and needs some improvements to be added. So, you can’t really download or play this game as of now. But you can be one of the first players to get your hands on it through Steam. You can add this game to your Wishlist and download it as soon as it gets launched.

thunder tier one

Steam Link:

This game, for now, will be available only on PC and other supported consoles like PS4. But as the game starts getting promotions, we might see a mobile version. Make sure to stay in touch with Gamzo for more updates.

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