[Drama] Sylar kicked from team, 4AM displays poor management and communication.

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An interesting piece of news has come to be known as Sylar has been reportedly kicked from the 4AM Dota roster under a day!

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The news is sourced from reddit, however we do know that Sylar has been kicked from the team. The reason for the kick was that the 4 members of the team were not knowledgeable about the sudden roster change and talked to the management about it.

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They were all surprised and decided to lower all of their salaries to fund the transfer of Paparazzi (Eurus). Sylar has been having a tough year as he was also replaced by Ame in PSG.LGD a few months back.

This poor way of managing the team from the company has not been appreciated by the Chinese Dota 2 community rightfully so. They have failed Eurus and VG and now Sylar also gets the back-end of the mismanagement alongside his former 4AM teammates.

This team had been hyped by the community for months back and now when they are finally forming it, the team is getting a rough start. This is not good for the morale of the players as a new budding team with so much hope placed on them, a certain aura of doubt and awkwardness between the management will affect the players mentally.

Finally, the remaining 4 members with their salary move has shown us that they believe that the team has full potential to do something big and write their names as the greatest in history of Dota 2, as they have done so before, and that Sylar is not the perfect choice for their goals.

The post announcing the 4AM roster yesterday on Weibo has been supposedly removed and further negotiations will be taking place I assume.

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