Valorant Champions to be held in Berlin, and not LA

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Valorant Champions to be held in Berlin, and not LA: The venue for Valorant Champions has been shifted from Los Angeles to Berlin, announced Valorant today. The third and the last VCT Master is also being organized in Berlin, Germany. The VCT Berlin Master is set to begin on 10 September, while the Valorant Champions will be held from 2 December to 12 December 2021.

The Valorant Champions venue has been shifted to Berlin due to Covid-19 restrictions. Riot Games said, 'While our initial intention was to host each of our international events in a different region, we had to re-evaluate our plans as COVID-19 related complications began to increase. Our goal was to find and secure locations that would allow the greatest likelihood for qualified teams to attend.'

'Currently, European travel policies are the most favourable for bringing players from the participating VCT regions together, which presents the best pathway to produce a Champions event where all qualified teams can attend. Our priorities are to create a safe and globally inclusive event that fans all over the world can enjoy.'

Covid-19 is already disrupting VCT

Filipino team Bren Esports was denied VISA to Berlin Master, and they were disqualified from the tournament just today. If the Covid situation does not improve, qualified teams from across the world may have trouble reaching the venue.

APAC LCQ is also planned for October in a LAN environment in Singapore as per some leaks. 10 teams from Asia (1 from India) are participating in the LCQ.

Valorant Champions to be held in Berlin, and not LA
Valorant Champions Berlin slots

A total of 16 qualified teams will participate in the Worlds-equivalent Valorant Champions.

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