Valorant Gun Skins leak ahead of Patch 1.14

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Upcoming Valorant Gun Skins leak on twitter and they look amazing.

Riot Games seem to be in their festive mood with this new update that they're rolling out along with the content that they've planned for us. Some of that content are the new gun skins that have leaked out. Leaks include skins changing according to the sun. Also some of these include the new BlastX pack.

valorant playzilla skin
The upcoming BlastX Phantom
Another variant of the BlastX Phantom

Also, Riot Games just announced the new patch that they will be rolling out this week which will include a new snowball fight game mode with unlimited snowball ammunition. Eou4FSSW8AI5YlG on
BlastX bundle

There's also a new melee weapon in accordance to the holiday season. This paired up with the changes coming to the maps will make gameplay a whole lot of fun.

Eouk6m1WEAAi SR on
The new melee weapon in the spirit of Christmas

There's also a new skin that dynamically changes to the sun light called Winter Wonderland.

Eoun4VdW4AQasR2 on
The new Winter Wonderland skin in sunlight
Eoun01VW4AAaanD on
The same gun under an area of shade.

As you can see, the gun reacts to the sunlight. Whether or not it does to other light sources, remains to be seen.

There's also a new character silhouette that was leaked, however not much can be made out except that the new character will be a male.

EoutR37XIAUz723 on
The new character silhouette

It remains to be seen as to what will be the origin of the character.

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