Valorant Night Market returns today, 30 Sept, here are all the details

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Valorant Night Market 6 returns today, 30 Sept, here are all the details: Valorant fans have been eagerly waiting for the new Night Market. It seems that the wait is finally over. As per the leaks, the new Valorant Night Market 6 is going to be live from today, 30 September 2021. Here is all you need to know about it.

Valorant Night Market release date and end date revealed

The new Night Market starts on 30 September and will end on 12 October 2021. However, the Indian fans will have to wait for 1 October for the update to roll out due to the time difference in patch rollout.

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Once available, you can click on the tarot card icon (beside Store) to access the Night Market. You will get six randomly generated skins at a discounted price. I got Prime Vandal at 48% off once. The Valorant Night Market has all the skins except for the Ultra ones (Elderflame and Spectrum).

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