Valorant UPI: Buying VP in India just got easier, here are the details

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Valorant UPI: Indian users can now pay with UPI for VP, here are the details: Valorant has added a new payment option for Indian users, the UPI. Unified Payment Interface is a unique and exclusive payment solution for Indians which requires only the phone number to transact. UPI has replaced Paytm which was available earlier.

Here is how to buy Valorant Points (VP) with UPI

If you have bought VP with Paytm earlier, the new payment process with UPI is exactly the same. You have to go to the shop, choose UPI, select VP pack, and you will be redirected to the Codashop page. You just have to enter your UPI ID and validate the transaction from the linked UPI app you are using. That's it.

Valorant UPI: You can now VP (Valorant Points) with UPI in Valorant in India
You can now buy VP with UPI

Valorant Points (VP) price in India (INR)

  • 475 VP: Rs 399
  • 1000 VP: Rs 799
  • 2050 VP: Rs 1599
  • 3650 VP: Rs 2699
  • 5350 VP: Rs 3999
  • 11000 VP: Rs 7900

VP can be used to buy in-game items like skins, battlepass, or you can unlock new agents.

Valorant UPI: Why was Paytm removed from Valorant?

Surprisingly, Paytm as a payment option had suddenly disappeared a few days ago. Riot Games says that it was due to a 'technical glitch', and interestingly the glitch has not been fixed to date, they have added UPI instead. Many believe that Paytm has been replaced with UPI to make the payment process more reliable. While Paytm offered more payment options, UPI is a reliable option.

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