Valorant VCT Masters 2 will be LAN in Iceland, details here

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Riot has just announced in a statement that VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters 2, will be held on LAN! It was announced to be held in Reykjavík, Iceland from the 24th of May to the 30th. Looks like the VALORANT esports scene is truly heating up! 

The Significance of this LAN: 

This is the first LAN event held in VALORANT esports so far, which will allow teams from all over the world to compete against each other and finally settle the long-contested debate of interregional rivalries. The event will be on physically connected offline servers, so the long-standing issue of ping differences and peekers advantage will be gone, and we might see a massive meta shift if the game plays out significantly differently on LAN, like certain other esports.

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This is also the first LAN in esports, in general, to be held in a while, since COVID-19 slowed down or halted lots of major LAN events planned for the last year or so. This event will set the standard for esports LANs that are to be hosted coming up and will show off if such events are feasible for the future.  

What we know so far: 

All regions with a VCT spot will have a chance to represent themselves. The slot allotment is far from ideal, with Europe+Turkey+MiddleEast getting a combined 2 slots for the event, and with North America and Brazil getting 2 full slots. India has been left out, due to not being included in the VCT, to begin with, and SEA has been given 1 slot.  

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How it’ll pan out: 

Teams have already booked their slots for Masters Stage 1 this March, the teams for Stage 2 will be decided based on the next Challengers event. This Masters event will allow teams to qualify for the highly coveted Champions event, The point distribution and more will be released at a later date. There will be no live audience for this event, due to COVID-19 protocols, but this event will be the make-or-die event for the near future of LAN events. 


More info including the qualified teams and broadcast schedule has not been released yet. It will be released on a future date. 

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