Valorant gets Tactical Voice Over in patch 2.04, here are the details

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  • Valorant is getting Tactical Voice Overs in the next patch 2.04.
  • You can choose to enable or disable the tac voice-over.
  • Tac voiceovers are not the replacement for standard callouts.

Callouts are an integral part of not only Valorant but all team-based competitive games. While the games do provide features to communicate in the game itself, sometimes it makes it worse. Almost all competitive games have historically been plagued by toxicity. This especially happens when players are in random matchmaking, and sometimes it gets to such a point that you don't even want to play the match. Due to this reason, several players prefer to keep team chats off, and not communicate. This again is a big problem because Valorant is a team-based tactical shooter, communication is its integral part.

The solution: Players will get Tactical Voice Over in Valorant

Although nothing can replace the standard team communication, at least the most important callouts should be delivered somehow. Valorant is adding tactical voice-over in-game with patch 2.04 to overcome this issue. Tactical Voice Overs are not the replacement for the standard callouts, but they will relay the most important info to the team.

Instead of the standard voiceover that we already have, like "enemy spotted", the new system will add map details too, like "enemy spotted in B long". The new voice lines will include the map region too.

Watch: Sova's Recon Bolt hits enemy Owl Drone

The information will also appear in the chatbox. You can also choose to disable the tac voice lines in the chatbox or the whole system altogether from the 'Accessibility' settings. Also, the volume of voice lines will be dimmed while you are talking in VOIP.

Although the standard team VOIP can never be replaced, Tactical Voice Lines will surely come in handy in toxic situations, or when a teammate is not talking due to some reason. The new agent voiceovers will be added in the upcoming Valorant patch 2.04.

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