Velocity Gaming remains undefeated, bags the TEC Challenger Series 4

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Velocity Gaming was crowned the champions of The Esports Club Challenger Series 4 yesterday. They played the final against Noble Esports and won with a score of 3-2 in a BO5 series.

The Esports Club Challenger 4 has finally concluded and Velocity Gaming comes out victorious yet again. This is the third time they've won a TEC Challenger Series. They maintain their record of winning every Valorant tournament that they've participated in. The prize pool for the winners was ₹100,000.

The Final was a tough fight, Noble Esports had given immense pressure to Velocity Gaming since the beginning of the match. It seems Noble Esports was totally prepared to take on such a battle against the South Asian champions. One may say that this was one of the toughest fights that Velocity Gaming has received from any team.

An image of Noble Esports Valorant roster

Noble Esports finally showed their true potential. While they had a bumpy journey in the beginning, they managed to pull out a fabulous show last night. Even though they're defeated, the fans and players were happy and content with their sheer performance.

A good thing to notice was the viewership. The watching count was constant to 7k and went up to 8k. A total of 164k people viewed the livestream, which is truly impressive.

164k people witnessed Velocity Gaming vs Noble Esports

Events of the Final

The first map was Bind, and Noble Esports had started with a huge lead with a score of 12-4. Velocity Gaming was not up to the mark in this map, a had made a lot of mistakes. Noble Esports took advantage of those and pressurized VLT. Once Noble Esports reached the match point, they started playing lightly and slowly, and went for saves often. Velocity Gaming thus tried to comeback but could reach only up to 13-9 and Noble Esports took the first map.

Noble Esports dominates Velocity Gaming in the first map.
Stats in the first map, Noble Esports thrashing Velocity Gaming

The second map was Haven and it was a close fight between the two teams. Both of them outplayed the other in many scenarios. Huge credits to both the IGLs of the teams for reading the opponents' minds which is very essential in a big map like Haven. Velocity Gaming took the map with a score of 13-8.

Velocity Gaming wins the second Map.
Velocity Gaming grabs the second map

The third map was Split which seems a comfortable spot for Velocity Gaming. They started with a lead of 5-0, and then the fight was eventually close. A lot of clutches were witnessed in this map, and Noble Esports tried for a comeback but had failed and given up the map to the opponents with a score of 13-10.

Velocity gaming wins the third map as well
Velocity Gaming grabs the third map as well

The fourth map was Ascent, which is hugely favoured by Noble Esports. Noble Esports' chemistry was visible in this map, as they strongly defended the sites and the scores went up to 10-2 in the first half. Velocity Gaming tried defending but Noble eventually took the map comfortably with a score of 13-8.

Noble Esports comeback winning fourth map
Noble Esports strongly defends the fourth map

The last map was Split, a VLT favored map. Velocity Gaming whitewashed Noble Esports in this map. A remarkable performance was given by Antidote, who seems to perform really well under pressure. Noble Esports tried their best but was unfortunate enough to give away the map, and the finals to Velocity Gaming.

rite2ace from Velocity Gaming top frags in the Grand Finals with 99 kills
Overall stats in the Grand Finals

Notable performances

An astonishing performance was shown by SSSami, the Bangladeshi wonderkid. With his clutch abilities, alertness, and tight aim, he got Noble Esports many rounds. A similar performance was presented by Excali. He was aggressive enough to enter sites and tackle the defenders with ease, not to forget some amazing clutches performed too.

A massive respect to the initiator Rexy from Noble Esports. He was exceptionally good with his Sova plays, and had given a real tough encounter to rite2ace from VLT who top fragged in the Grand finals with 99 kills and only 63 deaths.

Antidote was really good with his Jett+Operator duo. He absolutely massacred Noble Esports in the last map, getting off-angle kills against Psy's operator.

And not to forget the IGLs Amaterasu and Psy, two of the best in the country. Both of them were equally good, and outplayed one another in all the maps.

You can watch the match here: