Velocity Gaming launches VLT Academy, Everything you need to know

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Velocity Gaming, South Asia's top Valorant organization has launched its own Valorant Academy today. All the details are given below.

Manoj 'SENTINEL' Kasyap, the owner of Velocity Gaming has been talking about such an academy by Velocity Gaming for weeks which would help upcoming Esports players in their journey. Fans have been waiting for such an initiative to come up as soon as possible. Finally, SENTINEL has uploaded a video on his Youtube Channel titled "About VLT Academy" announcing the launch of such an Academy next month.

Manoj said the following in the video:

"Hopefully this will help you be the next BIG player in India... It's a Dream Project for me and Anuj (Amaterasu)"

The video featured VLT SENTINEL himself discussing the guidelines and rules regarding the Academy. The organisation will give away a Google Form next week which will have certain questions regarding your playstyle. The form submissions will be shortlisted for a personal interview, out of which 2 potential Esports players will be selected to be a part of the first iteration of VLT Academy.

What's the course about?

The selected 2 candidates will be allowed to stay at the VLT Bootcamp in mid-December. It will be a 3 nights long course guided by the VLT players themselves, Candidates will be given knowledge regarding their game as well as Esports as a whole in India. They will be awarded certificates at the end of the course. The accommodation, food, and travel expenses will be given by the organisation itself. However, there are certain conditions to be one of the lucky candidates of VLT Academy:

Rules for becoming a candidate of VLT Academy

You can watch the video here:

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