TSM wins UMG Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers, here are the Semi-finals and Finals results

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TSM wins the Finals of UMG Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers by beating Faze Clan 3-1, T1 gets stomped over by Faze Clan in the semi - finals and Immortals give one hell of a fight to TSM.

The semi-finals and the finals for UMG Valorant First Strike just ended and what a rollercoaster of semi-finals and finals it was. It was filled with more jaw-dropping moments than one could count. The contenders TSM vs Immortals and T1 vs Faze Clan all came out to perform. The matches were filled with nothing but insane kills and strategies and on point aim from all the teams.

The semi - finals: T1 vs Faze and TSM vs Immortals

The semi-finals were extremely closed and at some points, it seemed that one team would definitely win the round only to lose due to a clutch from the other team. Fan favorites TSM had a very tough Map 1 against Immortals who had Shanks stand in for ShoT_UP. Despite having a stand-in Immortals performed better than most people expected and gave TSM a hell of a match.

Immortals won Map 1 (Haven) with 13-2 and shocked everyone in the community including the casters. It seemed as if TSM was throwing the game but in Map 2 (Split) all the duelists, Subroza, Wardell and Drone popped off and secured as easy 13-6 victory. Map 3 (Ascent) however was a close one where the match went into overtime. jcStani of Immortals played extremely well with 26 frags. But TSM had an answer for every play Immortals tried to make. It was safe to say that the match was extremely entertaining and exciting to watch.

The other match that had taken place was of T1 vs Faze Clan. Now, T1 came in as fan favorites and everyone thought that they would win easily. Even the casters predicted that they would win 2-0 but Faze Clan had something else in their mind. They beat T1 by 2-0, shocking everyone in the community. Map 1 (Ascent) they won 14-12 as the match went into overtime. And on Map 2 (Bind), they absolutely stomped over T1 and winning the round 13-4. Nobody expected Faze Clan to win but they did.

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The finals: TSM vs Faze

In the finals TSM stomped over Faze Clan by winning 3-1 as it was a best of 5. Map 1 (Haven) TSM won 13-9 but Faze Clan performed extremely well giving TSM a tough fight. Map 2 (Bind) was also won by TSM 13-9 but map 3 (Split) went to Faze 13-6 giving them an easy win. However map 4 (Ascent) TSM came back and absolutely crushed Faze Clan by winning 13-3. Wardell proved to be an absolute beast by getting 66 frags overall proving that he is the best Jett in the game.

The main First Strike event

The main first strike event will take place from December 3rd to December 6th. The tentative brackets for the events are as follows :

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Tentative Brackets for Main event from 3rd December to 6th December

Be sure to not miss the main event as it looks to be highly entertaining.