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Riot's strategic shooter, Valorant, just came out of beta almost 2 months back, and players are on the
lookout for potential overpowered strategies.
Today we are gonna talk about one of those with Viper, yes the underperforming agent throughout act 1 of Ignition has now an op spot to play in.
As Viper has underperformed throughout the season since the games release the devs have buffed her significantly and have also considered buffing her more next season if her pick rate/win rate doesn't increase.

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This exploit takes place in Ascent A site as an attacker using Vipers and going up to haven and standing
as close as possible to the wall of haven from there the player uses Viper's pit(Viper's Ultimate) between the boxes and the engine. This creates a crazy one way for the attackers during post-plant holding haven and has a lot of other benefits to it.
It's a free win if utilized correctly.

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Here's the video posted by CydneyT explaining the exploit:

When most people were busy exploiting Sage, Sova, and Reyna in the last few days of act 1. CydneyT came up with the exploit using Viper.

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