Want Free VP in VALORANT? Here's how.

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You can easily get free VP in VALORANT, but you need to be really creative for that, just like you have to be in the game to win it. Recently, many VALORANT players have found a way to get VP for free.


What is Valorant Points?

Valorant Points, or VP, is the currency of Riot's new FPS Title, VALORANT, and it is used to unlock Premium skins like the Glitchpop, and the Battlepass in the game. All the players want those exclusives skins and getting VP is the only way to add those to your guns.

But if you are expecting that you'll unlock those skins for free, then you are totally wrong.

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How to get free VP?

The only method of getting free Valorant points is by contacting Riot Games Support and asking if your account can be credited with some VP. They will surely get back to you and let you know if it is possible. If it is, you will be assigned the task of submitting a few original artworks, based on the VALORANT Universe, to the Riot Support. If your custom artwork is accepted, your account will be credited with some free VP in the next couple of days.

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But again, you can only request a small amount of VP, like up to 50, which you might be needing to buy the Battlepass or a new skin for your guns. Your account will not be credited with free VP just like that.

In short, here is how to get free VP in Valorant

  • Create original artwork from VALORANT universe.
  • Contact Riot support.
  • Submit your original creation.
  • And that's it. They will credit some free VP to your account.

This way of getting free VP is totally inspired by the one from League of Legends, but unlike LoL, you can not request for free VP multiple times. In VALORANT, you can only request for free VP once, so do think wisely before making the final decision. But this is a pretty impressive way of not wasting VP in your account if you're short of just a few VP to buy something.

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