Who is the most Overpowered (OP) agent in Valorant? Ninja and ScreaM have their say.

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Who is the most overpowered character in VALORANT? Many people have many opinions.

But, American streamer and Youtuber, Richard Tyler Blevins, well known as "Ninja" and Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, a retired CS: GO professional have both come to the same conclusion that Jett is the most overpowered agent in the current roster.

VALORANT, Riot's latest tactical shooter, combines the gun game with the use of character abilities, making it more creative and strategic. Balancing the characters is a very important aspect when it comes to Competitive.

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Cypher and Sage have always been the best in the game during the beta version and the initial stages of VALORANT. But both Ninja and ScreaM are under the impression that Jett is more powerful than both of them.

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Most overpowered agent ,but why?

According to both the Pros, when it comes to high-level competitives, no one beats Jett. One of her basic abilities, Updraft, and her Signature ability, Tailwind make her so agile that it becomes really difficult to counter her. Even her Ultimate ability, Blade Storm, if used with precision, can turn out to be lethal for the enemies.

On August 16th, Ninja tweeted that according to him, Jett is the most overpowered agent and she beats everyone by a huge margin.

"Jett is the most OP agent at a high level in @PlayVALORANT right now and its not even close."


Overpowered Agent

ScreaM agrees to this and he retweeted that Jett's Ultimate, Blade Storm, is surely his new nightmare. He totally agrees that Jett is too strong for the other agents.

"Jett ult is my new nightmare for sure"


Here is the link to the tweet.

Not just them, many players feel that Jett is exceptionally strong at high levels, and it becomes really difficult to play against her. But now, the question stands- Is a Jett nerf incoming? Devs might bring one in to balance her abilities.