Why Ruination skins are pay-to-lose, Shroud explains

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Why Ruination skins are pay to lose, Shroud explains: Valorant's latest Ruination skin bundle is out in the stores. The Ruination bundle is one of the most extravagant of all skins with colour varients and upgradable levels. It is certainly a treat for the eyes for most of us, but there is a section of the Valorant player base who wish to play it professionally. For them, the new skin might not be right, or as Shroud like to call, 'pay to lose'.

Valorant New Bundle: Ruination Skin Collections revealed

Audio cues are an important factor on the battlefield, it gives you so much intel if you listen to it quietly. However, Ruinations skin bundle makes it tough for you to get those audio cues due to its 'lingering' sound effects.

"These skins are cool, but you’re not getting an advantage. All you’re getting is a mental “this skin looks cool”, but you’re getting a disadvantage because it’s so loud, it’s so annoying, it’s so in your face with the visual effects and sh*t.”

Shroud also demonstrated the loud SFX of Ruination skin on Guardian.

“If you don’t think that’s pay to lose, you’re out of your mind. Any normal Guardian doesn’t have this lingering effect when you shoot it. Listen to how long that lingers for. That’s like four seconds.”

Sure there are other skin-lineups like the Celestial that have kind of distracting sound effects, but the Ruinations collection has taken it a step further. Interestingly, the latest agent KAY/O too has some added sound effects that sometimes prove to be disadvantageous.

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