Will Airtel Bring PUBG Back to India? | Ongoing Talks Regarding PUBG Unban

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  • PUBG Corporation talking to Airtel for distribution rights
  • Hopefully, the game will get unbanned in the near future
  • This can be starting of PUBG Unban in India

If you clicked this post by just reading the title, you definitely want to bring back PUBG in India. Well here’s the good news for the whole gaming community that PUBG Corporation is currently doing everything possible to lift the ban. The immensely popular PUBG mobile was banned by the Indian government in the first week of September due to some privacy issues. After that, the company is really into the matter as they don’t want to lose their largest player base, India.

Airtel is having Conversation with Officials

Entrackr reports that there are news of Airtel getting in touch with PUBG Corporation to handle the distribution rights of the game in India. The company states that they have broken partnership with Tencent, the main reason of the ban. Bharti Airtel Limited is now coming forward to bring the game back in country.

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Did Reliance Jio Step back?

You might be aware about the news that earlier even Jio tried to make deal with PUBG Corporation regarding the same reasons. But it seems that the progress has been slowed down and no further updates have come from either side. Moreover, government made some statements that they are not in condition of lifting ban anytime soon.

PUBG Development Team in India

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On top of that, PUBG developers are planning to launch a separate development team in India. This team will include software developers, graphics designers, and other personals from India. The recruitment for the same will be announced soon. This will be a great opportunity for young minds in the country. It might be that they want to develop a whole new version of PUBG Mobile because Reuters had reported that the government will not unban the game even if PUBG breaks partnership with Tencent.

Worth Mention: India may not unban PUBG even after parting ways with Tencent

Final Thoughts on PUBG Unban

As of now, Airtel seems to be interested in dealing with PUBG matters in India. This can be a slight ray of hope for the fans as their game might get restored officially. The company will try to give more information as the meeting progresses. Stay tuned with Gamzo for the latest news and updates in the gaming world.

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