India may not unban PUBG even after parting ways with Tencent.

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  • PUBG Mobile was among the 118 apps of Chinese origin which were banned by the Indian Government.
  • Even after cutting ties with Tencent, India is unlikely to unban the game.

Earlier this month, the Indian government banned 118 Chinese origin apps, PUBG Mobile being one of them. The fans were disappointed and were hoping for an unban as well. But things may not go in their favor this time.

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When PUBG Mobile was banned for this reason, PUBG Corporation parted ways with Tencent Games, in hope that the Indian Government will unban the game. They even were looking for a local partner to split the work, and this gave hope to all the fans.

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Reason why India won't unban PUBG

Even after the company put in efforts to get PUBG unbanned, according to a Reuter's report, India will probably not unban the game.

“The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters, that does not change with the change in ownership rights.”


This does mean that even with the change in ownership, things are not likely to change in India for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Despite splitting with Tencent, the Indian Government probably will not unban PUBG.

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A spokeswoman for PUBG Corporation said that the company was closely reviewing India's issues and were ready to do anything on their behalf to make things right. She said, "The company has also been in talks with Jio Platforms, the digital unit of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries, to bring the game back in its biggest market by users." But if the sources are correct, India will not unban PUBG because of its violent nature, which means the chances of the game returning is really bleak now.

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