Yoru's voice lines reveal a lot about his lore and Valorant as a whole

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Voice lines of the 14th agent of Valorant Yoru reveal so many things and it's amazing how Riot infuses so much of reality in their fiction.

Valorant officially revealed Yoru yesterday with an amazing cinematic trailer. The latest Valorant agent Yoru is termed as "Infiltrating Duelist", and the idea behind him is "Stealthly Infiltration".

Although Yoru is yet to be released along with Episode II, we know quite a lot about this deceptive "rat". We also know about all his voice lines, and trust me it reveals a lot about his lore and relationship with other agents. Moreover, his lore and abilities are highly infused with our real-life lore and facts.

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What we already know

Before moving forward, you should know the things that have been revealed already. First things first, Yoru's official description states "A native of Japan, Yoru is able to create gaps in reality itself to sneak into enemy territory unnoticed. Strength and stealth allow him to take enemies by surprise - they won't even have time to understand where death came from."

Yoru manipulates Spacetime

Yoru is a Radiant, which means that he has been impregnated with Radiaite, and this helps him to use supernatural abilities. Now every Radiant in Valorant has a special ability to manipulate things like Jett controls the wind. Yoru probably has the ability to manipulate spacetime.

Yoru is from Japan, and probably a Samurai

As in the official description, Yoru is a Japanese agent. Yoru might be a descendent of the Samurai and has come to Icebox to retrieve his ancestral armors. Or maybe, Yoru was a Samurai with Radianite powers, and he was buried in the snow in Icebox itself. Since he was a Radianite, he did not die and is back now.

Yoru has stolen the mask from Icebox

If you have watched, Yoru puts on a mask while using his ultimate, the same mask that was kept there on Icebox along with other Samurai gear. The case is now broken and the mask is not there. Does this mean he is a Samurai?

mask case is broken on icebox

Now there are a few things that you should know about Valorant as a whole before moving forward. Rift means a wormhole in Valorant. Now a wormhole in physics is a tear in spacetime. Spacetime is the fundamental fabric of our universe. You should know the basics at least to understand Yoru completely.

Voice lines suggest these things about Yoru

Apart from the information we already have about Yoru, these are the things that his voice lines suggest.

Yoru ages slowly, or maybe does not

There are a few of his voice lines that suggest Yoru can slow down ageing, or probably stop it altogether. Now, this is entirely possible in our real world too if you can manipulate spacetime. You age slowly in a region of high gravity. Yes, that means you would age faster on the moon than on earth. And hypothetically, you can stop ageing entirely inside of a black hole because 'the time pauses'. Didn't watch the above video yet?

Listen to the two audio clips below:

If the world ends again, call me. I would hate to miss it.
I am leaving now. See you at the next apocalypse.

The above two voice lines clearly suggest that Yoru ages slowly and he is certain that he will survive for a long time.

yoru valorant on

Yoru can manipulate Spacetime

We have already talked about this, but these audio clips reinforce the fact.

The dimensional fabric here is thin, I'll tear through.
Omen says, "Tear them apart Riftwalker."

Now one thing here to note is the word 'Riftwalker'. The complete word itself does not mean anything, but the word 'Rift' has been used in Valorant for a wormhole. So Omen says 'Riftwalker' probably because Yoru creates wormholes with the help of his ability to influence spacetime around him and teleports (walks) through it. In the previous clip, Yoru also says 'dimensional fabric' which probably means spacetime fabric.

Yoru does not share a good reletionship with Breach

After listening to all the voice lines of Yoru, we do know that he does not share a good relationship with Breach, and it's not just banter. Something awful must have happened between the two, but we don't know what. I am sure this is somehow related to the lore.

I might have misinterpreted a few things, or maybe missed the point completely. Please let me know in the comments below if something needs to be changed and also if I missed something. Also, I will keep updating this article, so you might want to bookmark (CTRL+D) this page.

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