Valorant's new Ranked Ratings and realtime Leaderboard explained

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Valorant has introduced a new and 'easier to understand' MMR system called Rank Ratings, and a regional leaderboard for top 500 players. Let's take a look at how it works.

Episode 2 of Valorant kicks off today, and a lot of new things like the stealth agent Yoru are coming. We are also getting a new Ranked Ratings system in Episode II. The new Ranked Ratings system has been introduced to make it easier for players to know where they stand, and how much more points they need to rank up. Overall the new system will be more clearer and fairer.

Valorant has also introduced the new regional leaderboard for top 500 players. The leaderboard will be available on both in-game, and Valorant's official website. The cool thing about the leaderboard is that it will be updated in realtime, as soon as the match finishes. Until now, fans had to wait for Riot to release a ranking to know where their favorite pro players stand.

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What is the new Ranked Rating system?

Prior to Episode 2, you would only see a green arrow or a red arrow for Elo gain or lose respectively. This was a bit confusing and there was no way to know how many more points you need to rank up. The old Elo system was confusing too and the community was having a hard time getting it, sometimes it worked in a 'weird way'.

The new Ranked Ratings (RR) is "easier to understand and fairer rank system, more rewarding recognition for your accomplishments, and a way to show who is the best of the best."

Valorant ranked ratings on the career screen
This is how your career screen will look with the new Ranked Ratings system.
Photo: ValorLeaks Twitter

How does the new Ranked Rating (RR) system works?

The new Ranked Rating system is for players till Diamond ranks only. All players in Immortal and Radiant will move to the regional leaderboard system. Also, there will only be one rank in the Immortal class instead of three.

You can gain anywhere between 10 and 50 Ranked Rating points for a win or loss depending upon your individual performance. On the other hand you may lose a maximum of 30 RR points if you lose a match, again depending upon your performance. In case of a draw, you will gain up to 20 RR points.

How do you Rank Up or Down?

Each rank will have a progress bar of 100 RR points. You will rank up when you cross that 100 RR mark and the progress bar will reset to 10 RR points in your new rank. You will get demoted when you are at 0 (zero) RR points and if you lose. You will have 80 RR points in the lower rank if you get demoted.

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How does the new leaderboard work?

If you happen to reach the Immortal rank, your grind to get into the leaderboard starts. The top 500 Immortals from each region will be featured in the Radiant leaderboard. To get a spot in the Radiant leaderboard you must play 50 ranked games in total, and also at least one ranked match in the last 7 days. Those Immortal players who are not in the top 500 can view their rank but it won't be visible to others. To get a spot in the Radiant leaderboard you must play 50 ranked games in total, and also at least one ranked match in the last 7 days.

new radiant leaderboard in valorant
This is how the new Radiant leaderboard will look like.

The coolest thing about the leaderboard is that it will freeze at the end of the Act. What that means is that you can show off forever if you happen to retain a position on the leaderboard till the end of the Act.

You will have a similar system of ranking up and down in the leaderboard as the Ranked Rating system. However, you will gain 0 RR points in Immortal rank if you draw.

We cant wait to see how the new RR system and the leaderboard turns out to be. Do let us know your views in the comment below.

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