Absconding Youtuber Madan OP challenges Tamil Nadu Police

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A Chennai Youtuber named Madan is currently on the run from the Police following several complaints against him for using obscene language for teen girls. The absconding Youtuber had recently come online from an unknown location, while the police were on his trail.

A police officer said, “We have received two complaints and will register a case after receiving legal opinion. We are also tracing his whereabouts as he is not available at the given address.”

Youtuber on the run after being accused of abusing girls

Madan has been on the run since Pulianthope police summoned him following complaints from at least two people accusing him of using abusive language against teenage girls while live-streaming PUBG Mobile on a Youtube channel with more than 777,000 subscribers. Another Youtube channel operated by him has more than 1 lakh subscribers.

The majority of viewers of Madan's Youtube channel were aged between 10 to 25 years, according to the police. Madan had used to stream PUBG Mobile on the pretext of teaching kids how to play. The complainants accuse that Madan used to invite female players players from in-game to his Instagram accounts and would ask them to video call 'without clothes'.

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While the Police are searching for Madan, he had recently come online on Youtube to interact with his viewers. He said, "You think I would get affected for these kind of issues. I don’t deserve this have this huge if I get affected for this issue. I don’t deserve this channel which is India’s top most Super chat channel and India’s most revenue generating channel if I get affected for these. We should accept, no matter what happens. Let it happen, Let’s handle".

While he refrained form using obscene language again, he did challenge the police by saying, "the Police are trying to prove that people will get arrested even if they commit minor mistakes ... it won’t happen in my case."

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Cops ask Instagram and Youtube to block Madan OP's accounts

Following the event, the cops have asked Instagram and Youtube to block his accounts. Chennai City Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal on Sunday said that strict action will be taken against the accused if the allegations are found to be true, The Indian Express reported.

On the order of Commissionar Shankar Jiwal, the Central Crime Branch of the city police has taken up the investigation, thereby intensifying the search.

Our sources reveal that the Police would book Madan under the IPC sections 509, 294(b) among others.