TEC Gauntlet S1: Day 3;- Team Inazuma and Global Esports claim wins

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The Esports Club Gauntlet - Season 1 - Regular Season which kicked off the 12th of June, Saturday is the league season of the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 featuring a 2,50,000 INR prize pool up for grabs for 16 teams split in groups of two.

The Groups are:

Group AGroup B
Global EsportsVelocity Gaming
Team InazumaT69
Force OneTrue Rippers
Insignia Samurai Esports
Godlike EsportsEnigma Gaming
Team ValorKuch Bhi
SimpleROG Academy
TempesTTeam FANGS

The Gauntlet Series is brough to you by The Esports Club and is sponsored by AMD & WD Black.

Fixtures for Day 3:

Global Esports v/s TempesT [2-0]

The stage was set for an exciting day 3 with favourites, Global Esports taking on TempesT who have recently established themself onto the Tier1 Scene. TempesT who took the scene by storm with their aggressive aim-duel heavy playstyle, found themself backed against a corner against the behemoths of Global Esports. Global took the game cleanly, without dropping a map.

Jayanth "skillz" Ramesh seemed to be the standout performer for Global esports as they took both maps of Ascent and Split in a convinving fashion against TempesT. TempesT did not seem to have an aswer for the solidity of Global Esports' play.

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Team Inazuma v/s Insignia [2-1]

The second game, Insignia taking on Team Inazuma, featured two relatively lesser accomplished teams. Both teams recently made a name for themself having qualified for the regular season. Inazuma edged it, and took the series home 2-1.

Insignia started well taking home their pick of Icebox, but Inazuma pulled it back to take home with the reverse sweep both Ascent and Haven, 13-4 and 13-9 respectively.

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What to look out for on Day 4:

Day 4 will feature some spicy games in Team Valor v/s Godlike Esports, where we can see Deathmaker in action again with the help of his newly strengthened team, featuring Antidote, and Force One Esports taking on Simple which contains some unknown yet exciting names in powr, asdf and Kuzuri who have impressed in previous smaller tournaments.

The games will be streamed live here. Tune in at 11 AM IST for action packed VALORANT goodness!