PUBG Mobile: All about new character 'ANDY'

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PUBG Mobile is constantly working on making the game more attractive for the players. One of the measures is creating new characters exclusively for the game. The creators had already released several characters that are regularly used by the players in matches. Now, a new character- Andy is all set to be launched in the game. It will feature new outfits, unique abilities, and a different voice!

As we dive into this article, the release date and cost of the character will be eventually revealed. Some other features surfacing the leaks will also be discussed.

So, let’s take a quick tour of the PUBG Mobile Andy Character.

Introduction of Andy, the new character in PUBG Mobile

andy pubg mobile new character

According to the PUBG officials, “Andy is a magician and puppeteer, and his career ended due to an accident. To get his revenge, he taught himself to become a master of guns in a short period and tested his skills in combat.”

This can be clearly seen in the way he is designed along with his matching attire.

Release Date of Andy

The day decided to launch this character is Tuesday, June 2. PUBG Mobile will also be launching some new events that was hype up the excitement levels. Players could also win character vouchers and use them to redeem Andy.

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As every other character in the game, you have to purchase it with 1200 character vouchers. To help the players, some events will be available on the day of release where you can grab sufficient vouchers. You have to complete several missions and the rewards will be transferred into your account. Moreover, you can even purchase it by spending UC.

Features and Abilities

andy pubg mobile new character

Once you unlock the character, it can be upgraded to level 10. You will gain various abilities at each new level. For instance, at level 2, the speed of drawing out and in guns will be increased by 10%. This will help you to attack much faster.

This ability can further be upgraded to speed increase by 16% at level 9. Along with these abilities, it will also give you access to its exclusive emotes, voice commands and MVP animation. Don’t forget to get your hands on the character.

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