All Epic Games Store Free Games this season

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Epic games store free games are in the headlines recently because of those exciting game distribution at no cost. Last week, GTA V went viral on the Epic Game Store. However, the Epic Games site went down for like 8 hours because of the heavy traffic. Also, everyone is familiar with the popularity of GTA V.

This week (21-28 May) Epic Games is distributing yet another freebie as Sid Meier's Civilization 6. The deal will be closed after 11 AM ET 28 May. So, grab your free civilization 6 games from the Epic Games Store and enjoy your summer.

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is the sixth installment of long-running strategy game since 1991. It has not received any sequel since then but still keeps receiving new content. Although the game would cost $60 on any other day so this free weekend is your chance to grab it.

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According to the leaks, we are going to get two more free games in the next two weeks. These games according to the leaks are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection from 28 May and Ark Survival evolved from 4 June onwards.

Epic Games Store Free Games

As the free games continue to entertain us Steam just made 10 Second Ninja X free for everyone. You can also enjoy DJMAX Respect V and DAYZ free this weekend on Steam but you have yo pay after the free weekend.

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More free games are yet to be revealed for the upcoming weekends. This great initiative by Steam and Epic Games will be cherished by everyone.

We will definitely keep you guys updated for the upcoming stuff as the gaming season gas just started!