PUBG Mobile: Everything About The New SMG P90

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Apart from the highly comprehended Miramar 2.0, PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update is giving goosebumps to the players. Along with many other features, a new semi machine gun (SMG) P90 has been added to the game, and players are already making the most out of it. Here we have a collection of facts and details about this new beast to get you familiar with the gun.

Where to find the new SMG P90 in PUBG Mobile

The new SMG is exclusively available for Arena Modes. You can add the gun into your loadout before the match. There is no doubt of it being the most powerful close-combat gun right now. The high DPS and firing rate makes it appropriate for this mode. It has magazine size of 50 rounds that are filled with 9mm bullets. You don’t need any extended mag for it, just like PP-19 Bizon.

new smg p90 pubg

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Firing Modes

This gun can be regarded as the beast in the battle royal. It is a flexible gun with 3 firing modes- single, burst, and auto. Although SMGs are considered to be used in closed fights, but with suitable scopes you can take down distant enemies too. Burst mode reduces recoil in medium and short-ranged fights.

new smg p90 pubg

Attachments and Scopes

The gun doesn’t stop at dealing high damage to your opponents. You can attach the scopes upto the range of 6x. in addition, you can use all the SMG muzzles along with the laser sight. Its huge magazine and damage make it a nightmare for the one in front of the barrel. All the attachments are cherry on the top.

Players are getting used to it and I would recommend you use it for practice purposes. For the moment, you can enjoy it in the Arena Modes, but soon it will hit the classic version of the game. Try to develop more interactions with it and mention your discoveries to us in the comment section below. I hope it will prove to be a great gun, for sure!

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